Introducing Norton Snap QR Code Reader

October 12th, 2011  |  Published in Featured

If you’re like us you are seeing QR codes everywhere these days. They’re on TV, on the subway, on your mail. There’s a good reason — they make it easy to get more information using your mobile phone or tablet. But the problem is that a QR code can point to a website, and it’s often impossible to tell if the website is safe.

Norton Snap Android Market QR code

To help with this problem Norton Labs has released the Norton Snap BETA QR Code Reader. When you scan a QR code with Snap, it instantly checks with Norton Safe Web to see if the website is secure. You’ll immediately see a Norton Rating icon that lets you know if the site is safe or not. Snap protects you from visiting unsafe sites, and you can visit or even share safe sites. Snap also supports other types of QR codes, such as vCards and email links.

Norton Snap BETA is available now for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Scan the QR code on the right or visit Norton Snap on the Android market. The iOS version is available on the App Store: